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Remote claims management

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Our intelligent triage, robust desk adjusting operation and comprehensive remote capabilities ensure a world-class claims handling experience in any situation.

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Experience when it matters most

At Crawford, we've spent nearly 80 years solving the world's toughest claims challenges. Today, as we face one of humanity's greatest crises, our mission and resolve remain the same.

Over the past decade, Crawford has invested heavily in people, processes and technology designed to improve efficiencies and increase policyholder satisfaction by handling many claims without an on site visit. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need for these services and Crawford is here to help. This page provides an overview of some of these capabilities. Please note that not all capabilities will be available in all parts of the world. Find your local contact here to learn more.

24/7 claims intake
Submit claims at any time through virtually any channel including online, email, phone, or via custom ordering platform. Learn more >

Intelligent triage and pre-screening
Crawford's claims handling solutions are powered by an intelligent triage process that evaluates each claim and routes it through the most appropriate process. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also introduced pre-screening protocols to evaluate the risk of coronavirus exposure at any claim site and factor that risk into the decision-making process. Remote claims handling can be invoked when there is a risk of exposure to COVID-19 or in any other situation where these processes make sense for efficiency, speed, scale or any other reason.

Desk operations and adjusting
Crawford leverages many technologies and innovations in its operations but at the core of every claim is an expert team of adjusters and specialists making decisions and guiding each claim along to resolution. Whether in the field or at a desk, Crawford brings the same level of experience and specialization to every claim, ensuring quality, speed and customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Video collaboration
Using a host of collaborative tools, our adjusting team can engage directly with policyholders in real time.

Self-service app
Crawford's proprietary smartphone app, YouGoLook, can guide users step-by-step as they document their own claims.

Document collection
Our teams can acquire tax documents, estimates, receipts and more via electronic channels or by deploying our on-demand workforce, WeGoLook.

Recorded statements
Official statements from claimants and other parties can be acquired remotely through various tools.

Quality assurance
All activities and information are reviewed for quality assurance by teams within Crawford's ecosystem.

Managed repair
When possible, claims can be referred to Crawford's managed repair provider, Contractor Connection. Contractors can engage remotely with policyholders and can begin to plan for repair and restoration when the time is right.

Ready to respond

Remote claims handling can be deployed in many situations. Here are a few key applications relevant to the current coronavirus pandemic.

  • Property damage (home) — shelter-in-place orders lead to more activities in the home, creating greater risk of accidents and property loss.
  • Vandalism (property and auto) — confining people to homes also leaves other property and vehicles more exposed. Crawford is receiving increasing numbers of vandalism claims as a result of this pandemic.
  • Contents inventory and valuation — to supplement underwriting and property loss assessment.

Staying safe

Policyholders and adjusters stay safe during times of social distancing by limiting or eliminating on site interactions.

Closing claims faster

Claims can often be handled more quickly as self-service and video collaboration can be arranged faster than on-site visits.

Improving customer experience

Remote engagements with policyholders are flexible and can happen in stages rather than having to schedule time for a single on site visit.


Handling on site claims in the age of social distancing

Learn how Crawford is leading the industry with groundbreaking solutions as our global experts share insights into available tools and how they are used to process claims remotely.

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