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Global Contact Information

Support is available around the world and our global leaders and representatives are on call to answer your queries about the claims impact of COVID-19 and to offer strategic guidance as you navigate this challenging time. Please use the button below to submit a consultation request, or feel free to reach out to any of the global leaders listed on this page.

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Global Leadership

Andrew Bart
Global President, Crawford Global Technical Services

Benedict Burke
Chief Client Officer, Global Client Development

Danielle Lisenbey
Global President, TPA Solutions: Broadspire

Kieran Rigby
Global President, Crawford Claims Solutions

Larry Thomas
Global President, Crawford Specialty Solutions

Country Leadership

Mike Campbell-Pitt | President, Crawford Asia

Tim Jarman | President, Crawford Australia

Pat Van Bakel | President, Crawford Canada

Mike Jones | President, Crawford Europe

Latin America
Roberto McQuattie | Regional Head, Latin America

United Kingdom
Lisa Bartlett | President, Crawford UK

United States

Meredith Brogan | President, WeGoLook / YouGoLook

Terry Hunt | SVP, Head of Global Technical Services, US

Neil Lentine | President, TPA Solutions, US

Lance Malcolm | President, Contractor Connection, US

Ken Tolson | President, Crawford Claims Solutions, US