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Broadspire’s Crisis Support Solution

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Now more than ever, we remain committed to our mission of restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has generated uncertainty and questions across the globe with regard to the impact on businesses and claims. As with each individual claim or wide-reaching situation, we are maintaining our focus on supporting our clients while also keeping our employees safe.

Broadspire’s Crisis Support Solution

We are proud to support our clients with specialized TPA services, including claims intake and triage, benefits management, medical management and reporting capabilities, that help businesses respond during any global or regional crisis.

Across the claims process, we are here to offer support however COVID-19 may impact your claims.

Intake and nurse triage

Continuity of claims intake through email, phone or existing platform

Claims and benefits management

Updated claims handling protocol for COVID-19 related claims

Medical management

Specialized critical incident stress management and care management resources

Analytics, reporting & resolution

Clear visibility into the programs impact and additional products to help resolve claims

Restoring and reopening 800x400

Reopen & restore solution

As businesses begin to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, the right approach can help your employees, your customers and your business. Our solution is organized into three phases: Prepare, Maintain, Adjust. Learn more

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Intake and triage

Using our advanced technology and system capabilities, we worked directly with clients to customize our services to meet their needs. Our 24/7 claims intake will support any type of COVID-19 related claim at any scale – all while protecting our employees through work-from-home guidelines.

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Claims management operations

We have implemented business continuity plans to help ensure that quality claims handling, critical claim decisions and payments receive top priority. This includes updates on our claims handling protocol and contacting applicable support teams when a COVID-19 claim is received.

Benefit claims management operations

Benefit claims management operations

We continue to support, consult and advise our clients on how to navigate this fluid and unprecedented situation. In addition, we are monitoring federal and state legislation and working with many clients to create emergency paid and unpaid leave policies. This will help ensure coverage for employees impacted by the virus or the many closures related to it.

Medical mgmt

Medical management

We are working closely with those involved in each claim to continue our support of a safe and swift recovery. This includes considering the potential implications of appointments and other out-of-home activity coordination. The following services provide specialized support for the COVID-19 risk:

  • 24/7 nurse triage
  • Critical incident stress management
  • Care management
  • Complex case management
  • Telemedicine and telerehab
Covid 19 employee screening

COVID-19 Return-to-work screening

Remotely screen your employees for a safe return to work with efficient evaluation relative to COVID-19 using guidance based on the most current CDC guidelines.


Analytics & reporting

No matter how your claims may shift during this unprecedented time, we are tracking COVID-19 related claims to provide you with:

  • Visibility. We can work with each client on providing visibility on the specific COVID-19 cases for claims management and OSHA purposes.
  • Insights. Gathering and reporting on precise data points gives us the ability to provide you with more insight into how COVID-19 is impacting your program.
  • Solutions. Based on the trends and outcomes we see on your programs, our team can help craft solutions specific to your business.
Accident Health

Accident & Health / Affinity claims

As we move deeper into uncharted territory, consumers will look to protect themselves now more than ever. Trip insurance against cancellations, sickness and other environmental factors may become staples of planning any travel. We are prepared to support a wide range of affinity and accident and health programs for travel insurance needs and beyond.


Claim resolution support through One Crawford

Across Crawford & Company, we are focused on supporting our clients throughout this uncertain and difficult time. Several of our offerings have been developed for situations just like this with restoring your business in mind. Learn more

Broadspire's Crisis Support Solution Guide

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