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As offices and facilities begin to reopen, proper planning is required to reduce the risk of further spread of COVID-19 and create a safe environment for customers and employees. Crawford's Contractor Connection can provide you with a trusted, licensed and approved cleaning specialist to perform customizable levels of service, including initial preventative decontamination, regular deep cleanings, and emergency response following a confirmed exposure.

As part of our environmental hazards services, Contractor Connection’s credentialed decontamination professionals offer extensive expertise and are properly equipped to clean and restore sites of any size or complexity in a timely manner and to protect facilities so companies can reopen and stay operational.

Our network of contractors is the largest independently managed network in the industry with more than 6,000 contractors globally. Each must undergo rigorous vetting and uphold the highest standards. We have been a proven solution for more than 20 years providing peace of mind when it's needed most.

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Initial preventative cleaning

Before your facility reopens, our professionals can work with you to provide initial preventative cleaning and decontamination services designed to reduce the risk of infection while giving you, your customers and employees peace of mind. When administered through our credentialed professionals, preventative cleaning provides a cleaner, safer work environment and enhances employee and customer satisfaction.

Recurring decontamination services

While initial cleanings provide a good start, a consistent effort to further protect your organization. We can work with you to schedule regular deep cleanings with our decontamination specialists, ensuring continual treatment of high-traffic areas and regularly used surfaces, reducing the risk of further spread.

Decontamination after exposure

When incidents occur, decontamination services can be employed to restore your place of business back to operation as quickly as possible, limiting business interruption and providing peace of mind for your customers and employees. Our 24/7 call center and two-hour emergency response means help is never far away, and approved cleaning specialists are required to abide by EPA and FDA regulations while following CDC, state and local protocols with regards to techniques, equipment and materials.

Why Contractor Connection?

  • Over 750 fully credentialed and insured biohazard contractors
  • Rapid response through our 24/7 call center and time-in-process monitoring
  • Rigorous quality management throughout the restoration process
  • Detailed invoice review to ensure fair and reasonable pricing

Whether you need assistance now or would like to prepare for a timely response should your facility be exposed, please contact us using the information above.

750+ biohazard contractors
24/7 call center
<4 hr emergency response