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In a new normal that includes COVID-19, it is imperative for businesses and commercial facilities to take steps toward promoting employee and customer health and safety and reduce the risk of further spread. Modifying existing workspaces is one way employers can help create a safer environment, and Crawford’s Contractor Connection is here to help. We can provide you with a trusted, licensed and insured contractor to implement relevant commercial property modifications, creating a safer environment and assisting with social distancing. Our services can:

  • Reduce touching of door handles through the installation of automated, hands-free door openers
  • Protect employees through installation of plexiglass panel space dividers
  • Create safer ingress and egress through building entrance modifications
  • Solve other challenges through customizable modifications to waiting areas, common areas, shared spaces, restrooms, workspaces, walkways and more

Whether you operate as a shop, restaurant, theater, mall, school, office, or any highly trafficked venue, Contractor Connection’s nationwide network of credentialed professionals offers extensive expertise to meet the specific needs of your project. Plus, all of our contractors are required to abide by state and local regulations.

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Why Contractor Connection?

  • Over 6,000 fully credentialed contractors globally
  • Nationwide coverage throughout the U.S.
  • Rapid response through our 24/7 call center and time-in-process monitoring
  • Rigorous quality management throughout the modification process
  • Detailed invoice review to ensure fair and reasonable pricing
  • 5-year workmanship warranty for all modifications completed

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6,000 contractors globally
24/7 call center
5 yr workmanship warranty