AI for policy-based claim coverage assessment

Simplifying the claims process with cutting-edge innovation

With an uptick in claim complexity, organizations find themselves grappling with how to best streamline the process. With the intricacy of policy wording and an increasingly complex claim coverage decision-making process, it’s easy for inconsistencies and delays to slip through the cracks.

Our new AI solution helps our claims professionals navigate this problem by automating the claim coverage review process, swiftly interpreting and summarizing policy wordings to facilitate faster decision-making, and providing more consistent interpretation to help reduce human error.

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Why AI?

  • Unmatched Accuracy & Audit-ability: Crawford will harness the power of generative AI to extract verifiable insights directly from policy documents, to help ensure each claim coverage review is both accurate and audit-friendly.
  • Bolster Financial Health: Enhance carriers' financial health by helping to reduce claim handling errors, inaccurate payouts, and facilitating optimal allocation of reserves.
  • Swift Claims Cycle: Significantly expedite claim handling and payouts, boosting customer satisfaction while liberating operational bandwidth.
  • Robust Compliance & Consistency: Assists with improving consistency when applying client-specific regulatory and policy guidelines during the claim evaluation process.
  • Tailored, Customer-Focused Solutions: Seamlessly scale with our expert digital solutions, from hybrid SaaS plus consultation to comprehensive managed services.

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