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Crawford Chat: Stories from inspiring people

A video series where we learn about unique opportunities and inspirational initiatives from interesting people at Crawford. 

Crawford Chat - Episode 2 - Link Canada

Episode 2 - Link Canada

Link Canada with Emily Morine, Account Executive, London Markets. In this episode we chat with Emily to learn all about 2SLGBTQ+ representation in the insurance industry and how she helped start the Canadian chapter of Link.

Previous episodes

Crawford Chat: Stories from inspiring people

Episode 1 - Emerging Leaders Pilot Project

With Rob Holmes, Executive General Adjuster. In this episode we chat with Rob about his recent opportunity to embed himself in our UK business and discusses why London is such an important hub for insurance.

Meet the host

Scott Bynoe, Vice President, North America Marketing

As a firm believer in the power of storytelling, I endeavor to uncover extraordinary narratives across our company. In this video series I delve into the lives of our people to highlight compelling stories and fascinating pursuits beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. Through these chats we capture the essence of professional journeys but also bring to light the diverse personalities that make our company a tapestry of unique experiences.

Scott Byrne

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