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Your insurance company, Starr Insurance, partners with Broadspire for claims management.

This claim kit will help provide guidance for reporting a claim and what to expect during the claims process.

Steps to take when an automobile accident occurs

  1. Stop – Secure the scene. Turn off the ignition if you are involved in an auto accident. Do not smoke
  2. Provide for immediate care – Call 9-1-1 if anyone involved needs emergency care. Do not move an injured person unless their life is in danger
  3. Notify law enforcement as needed – Cooperate with the authorities. In many states, it is unlawful to leave an accident without permission.
  4. Collect all the information you need to create an accurate report – Take notes and pictures describing what happened and all that you notice before leaving the scene of the accident.
  5. Report the claim to Broadspire promptly
  6. Don’t take responsibility for what happened – Discuss what happened only with a police officer, your supervisor, the claim representative, or your agent.
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How the claim process works

  1. Report your claim to Broadspire’s contact center using one of the methods below.
  2. One of our claims professionals will be in touch within 24 hours.
  3. We will begin work on the claim with a focus on the best possible outcome.

How to report a claim

Reporting your claim is easy with Broadspire’s always-available claim intake center. Select among four simple options:

  • Phone: Call 855.498.7574 and please make sure to have your completed Automobile Claim form ready for the call.
  • Fax: Dial 800.245.9927 and send your completed Automobile Claim reporting form along with related attachments.
  • Email: Send your completed Automobile Claim form along with related attachments to
  • Web: Visit and:
    • Select “United States.”
    • Select “File a Claim via TelePlus.”
    • Complete the applicable template under “Internet Submission Templates.

Automobile Claim Reporting form

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How Broadspire helps improve your experience along the way

Broadspire provides customized, integrated claims solutions to clients across the globe.

Through our industry-leading expertise, innovative technology and unrelenting focus on continuous improvement, we implement programs that result in lower costs, faster recovery times, and greater satisfaction for everyone involved.

  • A commitment to data integrity – Confirming data and information provided by all parties is accurate and timely for initial coverage confirmation and ongoing claim reports and analytics.
  • Robust reporting and analytics – A base of industry-leading data and analytics services used to shape and improve service delivery throughout the life of a claim.
  • Timely communication – You will receive ongoing, timely communication to develop appropriate claim strategies and stay informed of claim status.
  • High-quality service – Backed by our one-of-a-kind quality program, claims are systematically reviewed for quality, timeliness and compliance.

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Client Service Needs

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