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ConanTech helps clients do more with their data through consultative analysis and software solutions.

What we do

Our technology and expertise can be applied in a wide variety of ways that generally align in two primary categories.

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Turnkey Technology Solutions

Data as a Service (DaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Our turnkey software solutions support advanced data unification, quality engineering, data enrichment, and business analytics with applications for a variety of industries. Through machine learning, large language models, natural language processing, and more, our tools focus on improving outcomes through improved understanding of data.

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Consulting Services

When the need is developing in-house capabilities, our consulting division thrives on partnering with your team to enhance knowledge and capacity through careful planning, training, and more. Our areas of focus include:

  • Business analytics team development
  • Digital/cloud transformation and migration
  • Data strategy
  • Service-oriented architecture and API strategy

Who we serve

Our tools and consultative techniques are applicable to a wide variety of organization in many industries. A few key applications are listed below.

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From claims intake to subrogation to fraud detection and prevention, our work unlocks value for hundreds of carriers, brokers, and other entities in the insurance sector.

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Data pervades the healthcare industry, but using that data to improve health outcomes is the ultimate challenge. Our work in the medical industry includes surfacing opportunities for clinical intervention and proactive care.

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PE / Portfolio

For entities that manage multiple brands and operations, our centralized systems and processes can greatly reduce overhead while improving outcomes.

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Our bespoke, consultative approach aids not-for-profit entities in discovering and leveraging their data efficiently to support the entirety of the operation from funding to delivery.

Why choose us?

Our technology is world-class and our expertise is second to none. Specifically, we deliver value in a few key ways.

Impactful strategic insights

No matter your line of work, your data is the key to your success. Having the tools and expertise to unearth data is one challenge, but even more important is the ability to use that data to gain strategic advantage. Our team works with your every step of the way to make this happen.

High-value intervention opportunities

ConanTech's proprietary systems and processes can look across the vast amounts of data flowing through your organization every minute and not only point to areas for improvement, but point to the most potentially impactful areas of improvement given any number of factors.

UX-based integration with business process

Not only can we do the work for you, but we can empower your team to do this work themselves. Our strategic guidance and integration with your operation means an investment with is an investment in the future of your business.

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