RESTORE in Action

Our values are important to us across the globe;
they are the common thread that makes us strong

Crawford & Company’s values are engrained within the smallest and largest actions of everyday lives. We encourage our employees to celebrate and take pride in the authenticity of our values and to demonstrate our RESTORE values in all that they do. By living our RESTORE values, we’re helping communities across the globe: from providing financial assistance to more than 100 employees affected by hurricanes in 2017 through the Crawford Cares, Inc. foundation, to our 10th annual Global Day of Service. We hope to empower more than our own employees, by working together to provide sustainable assistance throughout the communities we touch across the world.

Doing the Right Thing

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At Crawford & Company, we restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities. Over the last 10 years, we have come together to demonstrate our mission through our Global Day of Service. As a global company, we believe that we have the duty to give back to the communities that we serve by being responsible stewards of our resources. Our commitment to our clients and our communities is best demonstrated through our actions. New this year, we are now celebrating an entire month of global service. Throughout the month of October, local service ambassadors will plan events involving our employees from around the world and give back to our local communities


For the past 9 years, our Global Day of Service reflects our commitment to doing the right thing through an array of community outreach efforts. Projects are as diverse as our workforce, spanning the globe and a spectrum of service programs, from cleaning animal shelters to hosting a “prom” for those in assisted living homes. Find out more about how you can support your local cause by contacting your local service ambassador.

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Become a Crawford Ambassador

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Becoming a Crawford Global Month of Service ambassador is more than just another title. Being an ambassador will allow you to gain valuable leadership experience while working to ensure that our worldwide service projects make a difference and truly show our RESTORE values in action. Crawford’s ambassadors work alongside our other volunteers in more than 70 countries to help build our service projects from the ground up. If you are interested in serving as an ambassador, please contact

Become a Volunteer

Crawford & Company has supported our communities, domestically and internationally, with our time, talents and corporate donations for the past decade. This year, we invite you and your families to participate in our 10th annual Global Day of Service throughout the month of October. Our projects are aimed to allow for inclusivity of all ages, however, please make sure children are at least 10 years old, or follow-up with your ambassador about specific project age requirements. Our projects range from packing activity kits for children and families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to more physically demanding projects in our other communities like rehabilitating homes and planting trees.

Sign-up details and forms can be found here for U.S. volunteers.
U.S. Atlanta Support Center
 - Volunteer Registration

For U.S. volunteers not in the Atlanta Support Center, please contact your regional ambassador
to sign-up to volunteer.
Ambassador Listing
 (U.S. participants not in the Atlanta Support Center)

For International volunteers, please contact your regional ambassador to sign-up to volunteer.
Ambassador Listing
 (International employees only)

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