Claims handling that
adapts to your needs.

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One size never fits all...

But most claims handling processes are the same. New technologies are modernizing claims workflows, but implementing these tools can be complex — and risky. Effectively leveraging claims handling options like mobile self-service, on-demand field workers, drone technology, desk adjusting, and more, can be a challenge.

What if there was a single solution that capitalized on all of these innovations, adapting itself to apply the most efficient option to each particular claim? What if low and mid complexity tasks could be handled in a fraction of the time and at less than half the cost?

Introducing TruLook, from Crawford & Company.

TruLook handles all your claims from start to finish, giving each the time and attention it requires. TruLook analyzes each claim and dynamically routes it through one of three processes, based on complexity. And, TruLook monitors each claim as it progresses, escalating to higher levels as needed to ensure timely and accurate resolution.

Reduce costs by
up to 30%

Process claims in as little
as 3.7 days

Reach claimaints anytime
and anywhere

Increase customer satisfaction

See the potential savings

Use the simulator below to visualize the potential savings of cost and time that TruLook can provide. As more claims are routed through non-traditional methods of collection, average time-in-process and average cost-per-claim go down.

Claims using Traditional field adjusters

Claims using WeGoLook Lookers

Claims using Self-service mobile app

50%Average cost savings

40%Average time savings

This simulator is for demonstration only and is not a guarantee of any actual savings in cost or time.